About Us

The Original Inside Pocket Company (TOIPC) was founded with an activist spirit and a very focused objective: to design and develop breakthrough apparel and accessories to invite a delta change in behavior…to provide fashion that empowers consumers to store their tech! Our mission is to build a brand and community that is galvanized around a belief that we can build a better safer world by being mindful of the time and places we text and use our technology devices. We seek to create change for good ONE POCKET AT A TIME. We are proud to be affiliated and support the best in class foundations doing on the groundwork to move the needle forward to impact change. There is an urgency and importance of making the right choice about texting and driving. Our hope is that consumers begin to recognize our brand in relation to our cause message and at the same time, enjoy wearing products that at their core share a conscious social message.




Our Mantra

At The Original Inside Pocket Company we have an acronym that we live by, it’s called T.H.U.M.B , and it stands for Teaching Humans Universal Mobile Behavior.


Carlos Vazquez

Brad Dubrowsky

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Jamie Zaroff

Champion Ambassador

Susan Mosey


Daniel Kairoff

Director of Operations

Alex Quin

Director of Marketing