Hi I’m Brad

I grew in New York inside a home that was immersed in the fashion business. Surrounded by fabric and fashion professionals, my grandfather was a tailor and my father developed a successful ladies coat company. When I was just a kid, during my summers my dad took me to work where I swept floors and packed coats in his factories in NYC. The clothing business is in my DNA and more importantly, it was the way I learned that clothes are not only a product but more importantly an emotional attachment to our lives.

Inside Pocket Company grew out of a simple desire to have inside pockets to keep my phone from taking over my life. After sewing inside pockets into most of my sweatshirts, others started taking noticed and asking where they could buy the product. The combination of a high-quality design combined with a true desire to spread the message of taking the time to put our phones away hit home with a mass audience, old and young alike.  From this simple foundation Inside Pocket Company was born!

Always Holding your phone keeps us from connecting with our love ones in a more meaningful way and others simply said they are fed up with distracted drivers and wanted to stand up against texting and driving.

Fast forward to today and our brand message of “hold a hand, not a phone” has captured the hearts and minds of our customers.  The movement has taken its own life fed by our collective awakening for responsible use of technology and the need of a less distracted life. Our company is giving a voice to a message we all believe in.