We are all global citizens and this is our world to live in. We need to care for the land we live off of, consider our neighbors and realize that our decisions effect everyone. We are inspired by many things in the world.

  • Citizens who care enough to do something about people in need.
  • Artists who reflect difficult times and make strong social statements through art and literary forms of expression.

Our clothing and accessories include iconography and patches that artfully express our acronym we hope will catalyze a movement against distracted living.—Our graphics subtly nod to the peaceful protests and themes that guided the Dadaism art movement from 1915. We intend to encourage people to change their behavior through art-driven fashion that also provides the utility of pockets. It is our sincere hope that we inspire change by designing great products that people actually use to express their fashion sense, but also use to store their technology on and off the streets. We intend to do this ONE BEAUTIFUL POCKET AT A TIME.