They love us down under too. Australia in the house!

Day is night and night is day down under.  Its the end of Winter right now in Australia and they love their hoodies and sweatshirts with the extra pockets inside too.

Our client Aaron sent this short note to us about how much he loves his inside pocket jacket (and we thank you Aaron)…

“I had been looking for a comfortable jacket that had sufficient inside pockets to store my day-day things. Living in Australia I couldn’t find what I was looking for and after a search of the internet I came across ‘The inside pocket company’. Sure enough when I searched through their products I found exactly what I was after. 
I contacted the company to arrange shipping and got the best service you could hope for and it was promptly shipped.
Since owning it for several weeks I have found it to be my go to jacket for many different occasions. It is extremely comfortable and I get so many great compliments. Do yourself a favour a go get one and support Brad’s cause.”
Aaron H.

Brisbane Australia.

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