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Smartphones serve as an access point for navigating a wide array of important life events.

A crash typically happens within an average of 3 seconds after a driver is distracted.
25% of these cell phone related crashes are directly related to texting and driving.
Text messaging makes a crash 23x more likely to happen. It’s 11.5x more dangerous to text while driving than to dial a phone number.
During any point of the day, 11% of drivers are talking on their cell phones.
It is 6x safer to drive while drunk than it is to drive while distracted by the task of texting.
13% of drivers in the 18-20 age demographic admit that there were either texting or talking on a mobile device at the time they had an accident.
The percentage of 16-17 year olds who own a mobile phone and say that they have texted while driving: 34%.
77% of people say that they are at least somewhat confident that they can text on a phone while they are driving.
The percentage of drivers who say that it is easy to drive and send a text out at the same time: 55%.